not a deal – a steal

thanks to daily candy deals i purchased these babies


jbrand denim leggings in olympia

for 50% OFF this morning at owl’s lab.

can’t get any better than that and totally worth the wait.


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if the pants fit

i have a love for second-hand clothes & accessories. what some may find weird; sifting through used and buried treasures, rejoicing in a vintage designer find, popping in and out of the same old shops just to be the first to see the new (and few) weekly arrivals; i find comes as second nature. i don’t know when and where i got it from, but i’m quite good at it and i try not to ignore my talents.

on my inaugural trip to cali, where one may prefer to roam rodeo, i begged my bff to take me to the best vintage/second-hand shops in town. enter the buffalo exchange. after an amazing brunch at a cuban spot, habana, which was filled with sangria more than paella, we popped into this trendy spot that is like an abandoned urban outfitters, filled with some neon-colored jems and jam-packed with new and used clothes.

i wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but when i found a basically brand new, super-skinny pair of black jbrands (i will continue to rock the skinny), there was no question that they’d be mine, barring they fit. i squeezed into that 27, reminding myself that the ones i have now have stretched all to hell after three years of constant wearing. $35 later, i couldn’t have been more thrilled and i was telling my hubby that i’d have to think of a new christmas present for him to get me.

jbrand skinnies = $35

fitting into a 27 regardless of my love of mac & cheese = priceless.

i do on a dime 033

i do on a dime 035


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a bump in the road

there are a few things i inherited from my dad instead of my mom. like, my cup size. however, i’m quite happy with my goods, but it doesn’t mean i don’t like to bump ’em up when the times call for it. like, everyday.

enter: gel boobie cups. or, the more professionally-named, nubra. i purchased this little helper before the wedding in hopes it assisted me in achieving a beautifully-lifted bosom. and it did. so much so, that after my maids observed how much my barely b’s were lifted during the bachelorette party, they all purchased one themselves. but i gave them a little tip that i’ll share with you as well, which helped them save about $25: target sells these babies in their intimates section. the brand is “beautiful you” but it’s the exact same thing.

best of all, on my inaugural trip to cali this week i chose to wear the nubra on the plane – probably one of my most brilliant ideas. my back has never been more thankful that it didn’t have a bra clasp smooshing into it for six hours.

it’s resuable so if you wash and store the accessory as instructed, you’ll get a long life out of it. as well as a bombshell bustline.

summer 09 138

summer 09 139

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i remember exactly the first time i heard cat power. it was at a late-night party, back in wilmington. i was graduating in just a few weeks and song after song of beautiful music filled the kitchen. i touched the ipod to make it light up so i could read the name that this heart-stopping voice belonged to. then and there began my obsession with chan marshall and cat power’s album, the greatest. (it doesn’t hurt she’s uber chic – her bangs, black wardrobe and marlboro-infused voice just amplify the bad-ass appeal).

i took this album with me across the pond to russia and london that summer. falling asleep many night listening to her soothing voice and letting the lyrics personally touch my soul. i finally saw her perform this album that following october and was not disappointed.

today, more than three years later, i finally purchased the greatest on vinyl. marshall’s voice was made for it. i can listen to this anytime and it mellows me. takes me back to the spring of ’06 and my life before it became what it is today. back when i ‘lived in bars,’ needed ‘living proof’ and was asking myself, ‘where is my love.’

there are other cat power albums and each it good. but this one, this one is the greatest. and worth every penny.

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i didn’t on a dime…

last night i had some of the most expensive drinks in the city. they were certainly yummy, but for this gal, who can pull mint from her backyard and have the hubby mix up a mean mojito, it just didn’t seem right…

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square one

we have one solid wall in the front room which makes a perfect place for an accent wall. after holding up about 50 colors in the light AND the dark , we finally narrowed it down to two colors that were maybe a drop of dye different. i felt suddenly that i’d become one of those people – newly married, caring about home renovations, etc., etc. i decided to go with the brighter shade of the two, the “sangria,” but when i got to the home depot, i couldn’t pull the plug. instead i pulled about 5 more swatches and went home.

good thing too, from these i chose a grey-purple from Glidden paints that was perfect. i showed it to the hubby and he agreed right away. it wasn’t too bright or too girlie. it was unique and soft, and most importantly – complemented the new couch we had just purchased. which brings me to: reason #145 that we are lucky to live in cambridge – the crate & barrel furniture store in harvard square has a 4th floor discount room. after returning multiples on the registry we walked out of the crate & barrel store with over $300 on a gift card. we went straight to the crate & barrel furniture store’s 4th floor and surprisingly found a large, modern-shaped couch for $1,000 OFF! we used the gift card and ended up spending very little out of the fletcher fund. (so, all you newlyweds take note).

i’m probably the only person who put eyeliner and mascara on before embarking upon my paint job, but i am sally beale’s granddaughter and therefore make it a point to put my best face forward – even if it is just for gus.

i completed the painting in one morning, but waited 24 hours to let it dry and to examine it in all the different lights the room gets during the day. i woke to the hubby telling me that because i’d left the paint tray out, gus had run through them and paw prints were everywhere. i jumped out of bed from a deeeeeeep slumber to him laughing. “just kidding,” he said. grrrrrrrrrr.

all said and done the roundup for the painting supplies goes like so:

tape– $7.47 (whoa – just saw this as i’m looking at the receipt for the first time! it was necessary, but you could probably do the same with masking tape… don’t quote me on that.)

paint edger – $2.47 (worked like a charm, did just what is says it will)

roller cover – $2.97 (got one of the cheaper ones but it got the job done. would splurge for a more pricey one if you’re doing a whole room)

roller – $2.97 (basic – can’t go wrong)

tray liner – $1.67 (i just used this, no tray needed)

gallon of glidden “dusty mauve” paint – $20.47

grand total (plus tax): $39.92

pictures of the wall transformation and the infamously cheap couch below!

i do on a dime 015

i do on a dime 011

i do on a dime 016

i do on a dime 017

i do on a dime 018

i do on a dime 021

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home improvement

i have taken it upon myself to give our small cambridge apartment a makeover. the large one bedroom is the cutest spot, and with hardwood floors and a backyard, we really lucked out. everything is white (none of that cream “renter’s white”) which makes for a perfect canvas. so, room-by-room I’m painting, re-arranging, re-stocking and/or hanging photos while gus watches.

while i would describe my style as vintage-modern with a feminine/elegant flare, the hubs would rather me focus more on just the “vintage-modern” with a little less of my flair. fair enough. all i ask is for his college glories (winning basketball headlines, fraternity pictures, etc.) and the many eclectic things he’s picked up on his travels, stay in his nook.

thanks to my sis, who sent this fabulous book by the former, incredibly-chic, domino magazine staff (you are terribly missed), and with my ability to fawn over street and market finds, i’m hoping to transform our little abode, wall by wall. here are some before photos.

i do on a dime 005

living room

i do on a dime 006

i do on a dime 007

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